A. Hang Power Clean + Push Press: 2.1: rest 2-3 min x 4 sets
NOTE: Start with 80% of 1RM Push Press and quick builds from there. If you hit a point you can’t add weight, it’s okay to stay there.

B. CGBP cluster:; rest 3 min x 4 sets
NOTE: Rack and rest 15 seconds between the singles. Rest 3-4 minutes after you complete a full set of 5 singles. Start at 70-75% and quick builds from there. Stick with a weight if you can’t go heavier.

C. For Time:
200m Farmers Carry
400M Med Ball/Slam ball carry (30/20)
600m/500m Row
NOTE: I’d prefer you go in this order but can start wherever if class is too big.

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