Admittedly, I slacked pretty hard with the monthly Client Spotlight in 2021. I resolve to do much better in 2022.

When I heard about a client who’d lost 30 lbs since joining SACF, and more importantly, getting off ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS, I knew it was time to bring the spotlight back.

What truly drives me as a coach and motivates me to promote fitness as much as I can, is the hope of reaching more people just like Victoria Martinez, who have so much to gain by simply starting an exercise program.

Thanks for your commitment, V! I couldn’t be happier for you!

How long have you been a member of San Angelo CrossFit? 

I have been a member at San Angelo CrossFit since June 2021.

Tell us about yourself… Where are you from? What’s your occupation?

I was born in San Angelo, Texas and was raised in Knickerbocker, Texas where I still live. Most people do not know where Knickerbocker is but it is a small town out in the middle of no where. I loved growing up and living in the country. I was raised around horses and goats! After graduating high school I attended Howard College with a degree in Business Administration. I met my husband through mutual friends in high school and we got married 7 years ago. We now have two daughters Amelia who is 4 years old and Magnolia who is almost 2! I work at my parents printing business, I am the graphic designer there. 

How did you hear about SACF and why did you decide to join? 

When I look back at how I discovered SACF it always makes me laugh. I was a member of a local gym that had a CrossFit class inside the building and I remember walking on the treadmill there and I would watch members walk in and out of this class and I remember seeing a group of people come out of that class and I thought to myself, “I want to look like that!” I then asked about the class and was informed it was CrossFit so I remember going to google and typing in “CrossFit San Angelo Texas” and the first place I discovered was SACF and I took some time to look at the website and I was determined to join. 

How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically – since being a part of SACF?

I have felt myself change so much since joining SACF. Physically I feel so much stronger and I have more energy then I use to. I am so surprised at all the new things I can now do and what I have learned in the six months that I have been at SACF. Mentally I feel like SACF is my stress relief therapy. I feel like it is an hour to just focus on myself and it is literally my break. I keep my two toddlers with me at work so I have them with me 24/7 and I think any Mom can agree, we all need a break. 

What is your favorite movement and do you have a favorite workout? 

I love the Ski, anytime that is an option on a workout it is my first choice. I also am a fan of wall balls! I do not think I can pick a favorite work out because every Sunday I check SugarWOD to see what the week’s workouts are because I am excited to see what the week will hold. I feel like in every workout there are things I like about it. 

What is your least favorite movement?  

I would have to say any kind of pull up, I usually pick ring rows instead. I had surgery on my wrist in March 2021 so those are hard for me. Also I still am practicing singz and dubz but still have not gotten the hang of it. Jump ropes are not my friend.

What are some of your goals for the coming year? 

My goal is to improve. Improve in correct form. Improve in movements. Improve in being a better version of myself and the potential my body is capable of.

How do you see SACF being different than other gyms you’ve been a part of? 

I have been a member at other gyms and nothing has compared to SACF. I love the feeling of a community. I love how welcoming everyone is members and coaches alike at SACF as well as how motivating they are. At other gyms I just walked around and honestly did not know which machine to use or even how to use it. I felt lost and honestly embarrassed and out of place. When I joined SACF I was so nervous that first day of foundations. I will never forget walking to my car the first day after foundations and my legs were shaking I could barely walk and I thought “What have I got myself into?” but I was determined to not give up and I am so glad I didn’t. 

How can other people relate to your story? 

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. After having my two daughters my health declined and I was the heaviest I had ever been. When I looked at the number on the scale I knew I had to make a change. I was only 28 years old and already on medications for my sugar, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Here we are 6 months later and I am on none of those medications. I remember going to my doctor’s appointment and the doctor told me as plain as it could be “Lose weight, start exercising and all your health problems will go away.” 

If you controlled the music, what would we be working out to? 

Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Rap, definitely anything fast makes me feel more motivated to move faster!

What is something that others may not know about you? 

I love writing! I started writing short stories and poems around the age of twelve and continued through college. I guess life got in the way and I stopped but it was always a hobby of mine that I loved!

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