InBody Scan


Stop guessing if you’re making improvements in your body composition. The scale only gives you your weight, but with an InBody scan you can learn a detailed breakdown of your lean muscle mass, your body fat percentage, your basal metabolic rate and more. For most athletes we recommend a scan every three months. For those who are focused on body composition changes we recommend a scan every month.


InBody’s results are 98% accurate compared to a DEXA scan (the gold standard for measurement). InBody uses its own patented technology to analyze results and never uses statistical modeling.


A scan takes 15 seconds to complete and only requires you to take your shoes off. No invasive or awkward caliper testing.


All SACF members get their first InBody Scan for free, so you can experience the ease of the process and see the value in the information.  After that, a single scan costs $30 or you can buy 2 for $50. Compare that to a DEXA Scan which cost over $100 for a single scan.  Any non-members can still get their InBody scan for $60 or 2 scans for $100.

Note: No eating, drinking or exercising at least TWO hours beforehand
Morning time is best since you need to be fasted

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