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  • One-on-one Consultation

    We will learn more about you: lifestyle factors, fitness priorities, movement screen, and body composition

  • Group foundation classes

    You will attend several group foundations classes to help get you up to speed

  • Crossfit membership

    Once all of the other steps have been completed, you will be successfully added as a member


Please contact us for the latest and greatest pricing.


How long is the one-on-one consultation?

This will last 30-45 minutes as we’ll take you through a series of assessments to gain more knowledge of your movement abilities and current state of fitness.  This will greatly aid us in determining training implications and areas for mobility work.  This is what’s included in the consultation:  1). Movement Screening  2). InBody Scan  3).  Discuss your Current Lifestyle Practices, Physical Abilities, Nutrition, and Goals for CrossFit.

NOTE:  With an InBody scan, you receive a detailed breakdown of your lean muscle mass, your body fat percentage, your basal metabolic rate and much more.

How long is the foundations period?

A two-week-long series of 4 classes (Tue’s & Thur’s at either 915am or 715pm), which will teach you the basic techniques (including key movements from gymnastics, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and kettlebelling) and ramp you up to full CrossFit intensity. During Foundations we’ll want to know a little more about you, such as:  your personal goals, current health concerns, or up and coming competitions. Foundations Training is a mandatory pre-requisite for general membership.  The 4 class schedule is sequential in order so the material covered must be trained in the exact order it is coached.

What happens if I miss a foundations class?

If a class is missed, let’s say Day 2, you must make it up as soon as possible. In the event this occurs, we’ll discuss what options we have to get you caught up. You might be able to make it up with another Foundations group or you might need to take a private lesson for an ADDITIONAL $30 CHARGE.

Do you offer a private foundations class?

Yes we do!

If the Foundations Training class times do not fit your schedule, or if you would prefer more individualized attention, email Jeromy to sign up for Foundations Private Lessons. These can be done individually or with multiple people. Pricing for the 4 classes and first month of CrossFit is below:


  • $225 for one person
  • $210/person for two trainees
  • $195/person for a group of three or more trainees

NOTE:  If you’d like a Functional Movement Screen and InBody scan, there’s an additional $30 fee.

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