Labor Day Hours:

“12 Days of Labor”
Perform the following For Time, just like the 12 Days of Christmas Song…
1 200m Run
2 Wall Walk
3 Muscle Up
4 Burpee Box Over  (30/24)
5 Pull Up
6 Handstand Push Up
7 DB Power Clean  (50/35 each hand)
8 Alt DB Power Snatch  (50/35)
9 Toes 2 Bar
10 Wall Ball Shot  (30/20)
11 Cal FWB
12 Cal Ski
NOTE:  60 minute cap.  1st round=200m Run.  2nd round=2 Wall Walk + 200m Run.  3rd round=3 Muscle Up + 2 Wall Walk + 200m Run.  Keep doing this format until the 12th round is 12 Cal Ski + 11 Cal FWB + 10 Wall Ball Shot….all the way down to a 200m Run.  Share equipment as needed.  Scale and switch to any of the below movements if necessary. (Especially consider scaling down the run if this a huge weakness of yours.  As programmed, you’re running 2400m.

Alternative Movements
100m Run/Row
2 Inchworm Push Up
3 Slam Ball  (you choose)
4 Burpee Box Step Over  (24/20)
5 Jumping Pull Up/Ring Row
6 HR Push Up
7 DB Power Clean  (scaled weight)
8 Alt DB Power Snatch  (scaled weight)
9 Abmat Sit Up
10 Wall Ball Shot  (scaled weight)
11 Cal FWB
12 Cal Ski

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