May Athlete Spotlight

Hey SACF!!  This is long overdo but I have a fantastic Athlete to Spotlight this month!  Stephanie Probandt has been a fixture in our 6AM morning class.  Her strength and gymnastics skill level [...]

*Labor Day*

Labor Day Hours: 8-930am 12-130pm 515-645pm “12 Days of Labor” Perform the following For Time, just like the 12 Days of Christmas Song… 1 200m Run 2 Wall Walk 3 Muscle Up 4 [...]

Saturday 9/1/18

“Coffland” Hang from a pull up bar for 6 minutes Each time you drop from the bar, perform: 800m Run 30 Push Up NOTE:  Any form of grip is allowed, but you cannot change your grip in [...]

Friday 8/31/18

A.  Push Press (w/2 sec pause at top):  4, 4, 3, 3;  rest 2 min B.  15-12-9-6-3 For Time @ 90%: DB Incline Bench Press  (65/45) DB Deadlift  (100/70) NOTE:  These are just suggested loads.  Scale [...]

Thursday 8/30/18

A.  EMOM 10 Minutes:  Drop Snatch + Overhead Squat: 3.3 Drop Snatch + Overhead Squat B.  4 Sets Not For Time: 10 DB Crossbody Muscle Snatch/side 12 Ring Rows (hold 1 sec at top of each [...]

Wednesday 8/29/18

TEAM MAP SWEAT DAY!!!! Teams of 2, get as far as you can in 40 minutes: 400m run (200m intervals) 200 Dubz (L1: Singz or Plate hops) 400m run (200m intervals) 175 Wall ball shots (20/14) 400m run [...]

Tuesday 8/28/18

A. Hang Power Clean + Push Press: 2.1: rest 2-3 min x 4 sets NOTE: Start with 80% of 1RM Push Press and quick builds from there. If you hit a point you can’t add weight, it’s okay to [...]

Monday 8/27/18

A. EMOM 10 Minutes: Back Squat x 3-5 reps @ 55% NOTE: This is a reload. Not meant to be heavy. B.EMOM 20 Minutes (Start wherever you want but save rest for the 5th minute): Min 1: 5 power clean [...]

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